Welcome to Coffey Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance

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Coffey Lawn Care prides itself in turf management.

Mowing begins around March 1st when the Bermuda lawns are either scalped or dethatched to remove the dead thatch from the previous growing season.

The Fescue lawns are being mowed at a height of 2.5 inches on a weekly basis.  Weekly mowing usually begins on the Bermuda around April 1st as it is coming  out of dormancy.


About Coffey Lawn Care

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Coffey Lawn Care started in 1996.  While in his second year at OSU Cy discovered that he enjoyed going home on the weekends and working more than he enjoyed working toward his business degree.



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Not just watering a yard;

Water is a valuable and limited resource.  97% of all water is located within the oceans and polar ice caps, of the 3% left only 0.5% is usable water for human consumption, and half of that is used for irrigation.  This is why most governments restrict irrigation usage during droughts.  This is because most people don’t understand how to use their irrigation systems.


Landscape Maintenance

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After your new landscape is complete or you just need some help with your existing one let Coffey Lawn Care do the work for you.  Our trained landscape maintenance crews will be happy to come by your property on a regular basis or on an as needed basis and help you maintain all of your plant material.

Weather it is just weeding flowerbeds to selective pruning or annual planting we can help you with all your flowerbed needs.




Landscape Design

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Weather it is something simple like adding a tree in the front yard to creating a backyard oasis with a babbling brook, no landscape job is too big or small for Coffey Lawn Care.